Magazine Road residents say lockdown parties have gotten out of control

Residents on Magazine Road, Glasheen Road, and the surrounding areas say they are entering their ‘third week of sleepless nights’.

That’s according to Catherine Clancy of the Magazine Road Residents Association, who says lockdown parties in the area have gotten completely out of control.

Residents have been staging protests against the parties, which they fear could lead to a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases Leeside.

They’re calling on the Gardaí and the HSE to enforce the 1947 Health Act to enter and to investigate houses where it’s suspected breaches of health regulations are taking place.

The Act carries penalties of fines and potential jail time for the potential spread of an infectious disease.

Speaking to RedFM News, Catherine Clancy says so far there have been no consequences for those involved.

“What’s very evident at this stage is that the young people who are holding these Covid-19 lockdown parties, is that if they don’t open the door the Gardai will go away after about ten minutes, and they don’t see any consequences of the Gardai calling.

“The landlords see no consequences of opening up their houses and renting these houses to facilitate the Covid-19 lockdown parties.”


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