Management Committee Of Carrigaline United AFC: Club Has “Nothing But Respect For All Individuals Who Chose To Pick Up Whistle”

The Management Committee of Carrigaline United AFC says it has “nothing but respect for all individuals who chose to pick up a whistle”.

The club issued an open letter to its “valued members” this morning, in response to the Cork branch of the Irish Referees Society, which alleged one of its referees was subject to “criticism, verbal abuse and threats” while officiating a match at Carrigaline United’s home ground.

The club says that it is satisfied that there are “very significant discrepancies” between the allegations and CCTV footage.

The letter states that CU-AFC supports “any initiative to eradicate the needless and mindless abuse of referees”, adding that it has been “commended on countless occasions by visiting officials, dignitaries and opposition”.

The Cork branch of the Irish Referees Society has advised its members not to officiate at Ballea Park (PRON: Ballet Park) until further notice.

The FAI is investigating the matter further, before deciding how to proceed.

RedFM News has contacted the Cork Youth League for comment.

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