Matthew Twomey steps down as Cork camogie boss

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Matthew Twomey has stepped down as Cork camogie boss.

The Douglas clubman guided the Rebels to the All Ireland at the start of August

Twomey succeeded Paudie Murray as Rebels boss, guiding the Rebels to the decider in his first year in charge last year where they lost to Kilkenny by just a point.

This year Cork were crowned victorious, as they won their 29th O’Duffy Cup in style with victory over Waterford.

It had been thought that Twomey would remain in charge, however he has informed the players and the Cork County Board that he would be stepping away.

Speaking to RedFM Sport after the All Ireland Final win, Twomey said that Cork camogie was on a high at every level.

“Obviously the win helps everything, but we had the 16s, the minor success, the intermediates won the league they were unlucky enough to push on for the All Ireland this year.

“The good will, I’ve never come across the likes of it. I don’t want to mention names, but two of the greatest players who ever played the game were on to me last week, wishing us well, even Pat Ryan the Cork hurling manager was on as well, all these kind of people and plenty more.

“I love getting involved in teams for trying to help a team out I don’t like to kind of spotlight style of stuff. I’m walking through town or I’m walking through Douglas people stopped me, I don’t even know them, and they’re wishing us well and saying your team is unbelievable, they have some heart.

“I think our county board,  county boards get criticism but our county board have been unbelievable to us. Coming up to the final there wasn’t a question of anything, it was more like ‘what do ye want?’, and event then they gave us more than what we want.

“Camogie is really on a high at the moment, and it really needs to be pushed on now.”

Sports journalist and host of the Women in Sport Podcast on Cork’s RedFM, Ger McCarthy, says he’s not too surprised by Twomey’s departure.

“Maybe the timing will catch people out a small bit all right, considering they’ve just won an All Ireland, but from speaking to Matthew not just this year but over the last three years, the time and effort it take to manage an intercounty team at any level – I think it’s just taken too much of his time to be quite honest with you.

“Winning the O’Duffy Cup was a fantastic achievement, and let’s not forget that Cork got unbelievably close the previous two years as well.

“I just think the time and the effort, and Cork had to come overcome so many obstacles with injuries to so many of their key players, from speaking to Matthew for the Big Red Bench throughout the season it was clear to me anyway that as much as he enjoyed the role, and how much he loved the players he was working with and his backroom team, there comes a time no matter if you win lose or draw you have to take a step back for your own sake as well.

“I know everyone will be disappointed, but I’m kind of glad for him as an individual that he’s taken this decision, because after the three years that he’s put down and the numerous years before that as part of the backroom team, there’s nothing more that Matthew Twomey could give.”


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