Medicines containing codeine and ibuprofen in short supply

Medicines containing Codeine and Ibuprofen, and treatments for pain relief, are running out of stock in pharmacies.

That’s according to new figures from The Medicine Shortage Index.

The shortages come in the wake of a reduction in over the counter medication due to International factors.

The number of medicines in short supply is now two hundred and twenty eight.

Sandra Gannon CEO of Azure Pharmaceuticals, who supplied the data, says the shortages are down to pricing.

“We’ve seen all of the costs of bringing medicines to market, similar to groceries or any other commodity going up. We’ve seen transportation costs going up, we’ve seen the cost of regulation going up, and yet the price of the medicines has stayed the same.

“There’s something badly wrong with this system, and I think we need to start looking at the value we place on these medicines, as we want people to have access to them.”


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