Members of Garda Representative Association Calling For Pandemic Shift Arrangements To Be Kept

Members of the Garda Representative Association are calling for shift arrangements brought in during the pandemic to be kept in place.

Gardaí now work a pattern of four 12-hour shifts per week, as opposed six 10-hour days.

The GRA says this has given frontline members a better work-life balance.

Junior Justice Minister, James Browne, says it’s something An Garda Síochána needs to manage internally:

“I am certainly aware that the 12 hour shifts that the Garda Síochána went on to during COVID helped them an awful lot. It is a matter for An Garda Síochána themselves, I supposed to negotiate DR is going into the future, but I do know and I do understand that it has been something that’s been quite positive for An Garda Síochána – those new rosters.”



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