Michael Collins’ diaries set to go on display next month

Michael Collins’ diaries are set to go on public display for the first time at the Michael Collins Museum in Clonakilty.

The diaries were loaned to the National Archives by Collins’ descendants. The diaries have undergone significant conservation and preservation treatment over recent months.

Visitors to the museum will be able to view all five diaries on a touchscreen device installed in the Michael Collins House Museum while the 1921 and 1922 diaries in physical form will go on public display for the month of August.

Unveiling the diaries, the Mayor of County Cork, Danny Collins said:

“It is an incredible honour to officially open the exhibition at Michael Collins House. I am thrilled that the first time Michael Collins’ diaries are going on public display is right here in his hometown of Clonakilty. Much has been written about Michael Collins over the last 100 years but there is something so special about seeing his actual words, written by his own hand on the pages of his diaries. I would like to congratulate Michael Collins House, the National Archives and the Collins family on coming together to make this possible. I hope the diaries will encourage people from far and wide to visit the museum and Clonakilty as well as inspiring people’s interest in history.”

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