Michael D. Higgins thanks Irish people for welcoming Ukrainians

President Michael D. Higgins has thanked the Irish public for welcoming thousands of Ukrainians into communities nationwide.

In his St. Patrick’s Day message, President Higgins also urged Irish people to stand in solidarity with those who have fled conflict in their homeland.

Today marks the start of the St. Patrick’s Festival, with the people across the world celebrating our national day.

President Higgins says the people of Ukraine must remain foremost in our minds.

“It is heartening to see the welcome that so many households and schools have extended here in Ireland and elsewhere.

“It’s heartening to hear of all of those who continue to provide sanctuary to the tens of thousands of displaced Ukrainian citizens who have fled conflict in their homeland.

“Schools in every part of the country have opened their arms to new pupils and shown a deep commitment of respect and solidarity.”


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