Michelle O’Neill Says She’s Feeling Very Positive About Prospect Of Becoming First Minister Of Northern Ireland

Michelle O’Neill says she’s feeling very positive about the prospect of becoming First Minister of Northern Ireland.

She’s been re-elected to the Stormont Assembly with Sinn Féin’s vote showing strongly in the first counts.

They’ve had a number of MLAs elected in areas where they were expected to have some difficulty.

Michelle O’Neill is in line to become the first nationalist to hold the top job in Northern Ireland:

“Obviously I feel very positive. We fought a very positive campaign. We told people about what we were for. We said this was an election about the future. It is going to be, potentially, a historic election for many reasons, but I think it was because people wanted us to talk about how we want to work together in partnership with others. That’s the only way we achieve much, much, more for people here”.

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