Midleton Primary School Teacher Wants To Pass On Lessons Learned Caring For Her Father While He Was Being Treated For Cancer

A Midleton primary school teacher says she wants to pass on the lessons she learned caring for her father while he was being treated for cancer.

Katherine Griffin will release a book of short stories dealing with love, loss, resilience and hope on World Cancer Day in February.

Katherine’s father Joe was first diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and died on World Cancer Day 2017.

Speaking to RedFM News, Katherine says she hopes the book can help others:

“The book has a lot of his words of wisdom as well, like funny, funny things, you know, like ‘give an elephant lots of space’; you know, someone is running amok, give them lots of space! Light hearted messages that will make you think about what you’re doing and your decision making process and hopefully help you, if you’re struggling at the moment or feeling a little lost right now. Yes, it’s to fundraise, but it’s also to help as well. If you’ve suffered, you don’t want someone else to suffer in the same way or if you’ve learned something.”


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