Minister Behind New Circular Economy Bill: Baristas’ Concerns About Filthy ‘Keep Cups’ Vastly Overstated

Baristas’ concerns around handling filthy keep cups have been vastly overstated, according to the Minister behind the new Circular Economy Bill.

The legislation aims to encourage customers to bring reusable cups and flasks to cafes, by introducing a 20 cent charge for the disposable alternative.

Some businesses are opposed to the move as it may deter punters and could see staff handling dirty cups.

Minister of State, Ossian Smyth, says handling dirty utensils comes with working in hospitality:

“That fear about a cup could be dirty… You could pick up a germ from it… What I feel about that is that, in a café, often you’re clearing up plates and dishes from people who’ve been eating. There are tissues on them. That risk already exists. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland  – they’re not concerned that this is an issue”.


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