Minister Catherine Martin Backs New National Maternity Hospital Paving Way For Cabinet To Approve The Project Next Week

Minister Catherine Martin has backed the new National Maternity Hospital, paving the way for Cabinet to approve the project next week.

It had been put on hold to clarify what services will be carried out at the facility.

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach has cast doubt on whether the controversial phrase ‘clinically appropriate’ will be clarified in legal documents after reports that work to define it, was underway.

Master of the National Maternity Hospital Prof Shane Higgins, says it could be clarified to allay peoples fears:

“Although I can see exactly how much concern it’s caused, that didn’t cross our minds when it was being put in. But having seen exactly how much upset and concerned it does cause, we certainly would, on behalf of the NMH, I can say we would be open to either defining it or having it removed. We don’t believe it’s going to impact on what we will or will not be able to do at the new National Maternity Hospital.”

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