Minister For Public Expenditure Expects Significant Home Building Announcements For Cork Next Year

The Minister for Public Expenditure says he expects significant home building announcements for Cork next year.

Minister Michael McGrath was speaking in the city today at the official opening of global tech company NetApp’s new international headquarters at Navigation Square.

The group plan to hire 500 staff in the next three years.

The lack of supply of housing in Cork has long been a consideration for companies setting up offices in the city and county.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Minister Michael McGrath says works to build more housing in Cork are ongoing – but he stopped short of giving any specific details:

“We have schemes with planning permission in place, that have not yet commenced. And the focus of that particular initiative is for the LDA to become directly involved, for the state to take the leading role in bringing about those developments getting underway, and I believe we will see a significant residential development in Cork through that channel commencing next year. It’s certainly my expectation”.


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