Minister Harris: Knowledge Cannot Be Treated As A Fixed Asset

Knowledge can not be treated as a fixed asset and what we’ve learned during years of study is not going to last a lifetime.

That’s the view of Higher Education Minster Simon Harris who is welcoming new research showing nine out of ten people are upskilling.

He’s calling on everyone to take advantage of opportunities available to help drive the economy and maintain wellbeing.

Simon Harris says training is available in every town in the country:

“People might think, when they have to take up a new skill or want to learn more or go to education, that it means moving to a city, moving to a town and having to travel big distances. My message is really important in relation to this. There is education and skills training available in every community in Ireland through our Education and Training Boards, through agencies like Skillsnet going into the workplace, no matter where you live in Ireland, whether it’s rural or urban, whether it’s a big city or a small village that are opportunities”.

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