Minister Of State For European Affairs Says Draft Brexit Trade Agreement Is Currently In Place

British and EU negotiators will continue talks in London today, with less than four weeks to go until the transition period ends.

The sides remain divided on fisheries and other issues.

But Minister of State Thomas Byrne says there’s agreement in several areas.

“Well, a draft agreement is in place, is written. But it does include a lot of blanks, where agreement is yet to be reached. So there’s a lot of legal filler there, and there are some issues I think which have been agreed, which are non contentious, but the key issues again are those blanks that have to be filled in and until everything is agreed, nothing is agreed and that’s why the draft legal text, even with those blanks has not been published because it’s not agreed yet”

Meanwhile, Downing Street says the chances of success in trade talks between the UK and EU are “receding” ahead of more negotiations in London.

The British government claims Brussels has brought “new elements” to the table.

Former Brexit Minister in the UK, David Davis says an agreement won’t be made for the sake of it.

“The government is not afraid of no deal, because it thinks is manageable. And as a result, his negotiating stance is much stronger than the stance on the Teresa May’s administration, which basically always ran away from the hardest decision.”


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