Missiles hit shopping centre in Ukraine

Officials in Ukraine claim one person’s been killed and five others injured after seven missiles hit a shopping centre in the southwestern city of Odessa.

Yesterday, Russia’s president suggested there was no end in sight for the conflict, during an address at a military parade in Moscow.

David Miliband, the chief executive of the International Rescue Committee, says the West will be wary about that.

The immediate reaction has been very, very strong, but it’s now going to be tested.

“Because it’s one thing for it to be two weeks two days, two months, we’ve now got to plan for a scenario where this might last years.”

Its reported senior ministers will sign off this week on a payment for households who take in Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile a special cabinet sub-committee is set to give the green light to the €400 a month payment when it meets on Thursday.

It’ll then be approved by the full cabinet next week.

The Irish Independent reports the blanket payment of €400 a month will apply to all households who take in refugees fleeing the Russian invasion, and won’t be dependent on the number of people housed.


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