More people to be banned from travelling with Ryanair says travel expert

A travel expert expects many people to be banned from travelling with Ryanair, due to a row over refunds.

Customers who received “chargebacks” from their credit card company for flights they didn’t take during lockdown are barred from Ryanair journeys unless they return that money to the company.

The budget airline is arguing that since the flight wasn’t cancelled, passengers aren’t entitled to a refund.

Customers who booked flights before the 10th of June 2020 had to pay a charge if they wished to change their flight, which Sarah Slattery says was unaffordable for many.

“In some cases, particularly for families, it might have cost €700 or €800 to change the flights for a later date.

“They felt that they couldn’t go, and that there was no alternative –   and the government advice was in place that they couldn’t travel.

“They felt they were justified in claiming back through their credit card, charging back the amounts through their credit card.”

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