More than 1 in 3 MPs voted to remove Boris Johnson from office

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still the Conservative leader this morning after winning a confidence vote among his own MPs.

However, well over a third of British MPs voted in favour of removing him from office.

In theory, he’s now safe from another challenge of this kind for a year – but there have been suggestions for this rule to be changed.

The SNP’s leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, says it’s time for Mr Johnson to go:

“He is a dead man walking and I think it’s better for all of us that he goes sooner rather than later. I want that date to be today and I think he needs to reflect on the lack of support that he has from his back benches. He needs to realize that he doesn’t have the moral support, he doesn’t have the right to lead as Prime Minister, the sooner he goes, the better.”


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