NCT say 2,500 no shows a week is causing backlog

No-shows need to be tackled, in order to properly address the backlog in NCT tests.

That’s the view of one transport consultant, who says the current situation is ‘a mess’.

Here in Cork the backlog for an NCT has reached six months with August being the earliest date motorists can book a test at either of the two Cork centres

NCT operator Applus will this afternoon tell the Oireachtas transport committee how 2,500 people a week fail to show up for tests.

Conor Faughnan says they need to get tough on no-shows to address the testing backlog.

“It’s a bit of a mess, certainly. The fix is to get on top of the backlog, and once they do that they can wash through the other problems.

“How do they fix the backlog? Well there are ongoing problems, they’re not new but they’re making a bad situation worse.

“One is no shows – people just don’t show up for the test. That costs a slot and it’s inherently wasteful, it shouldn’t happen but it happens too often.”


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