New apprenticeship degree to train bar managers being launched in Cork

A new apprenticeship degree to train bar managers is being launched in Cork.

It comes as the Vintners Federation of Ireland, Griffith College and Solas have joined forces to reverse the pub sector’s post-Covid struggle to retain staff.

The BA in Bar Management is a work based learning programme where apprentices will be able to work, earn and learn to become fully qualified bar managers.

Students will be sponsored by their employer to work four days a week and spend once day a week in lectures for the duration of the three year course.

Speaking to RedFM News, Chair of the VFI Bar Manager Apprenticeship Degree Committee Pat Crotty says it’s been a struggle to retain staff post Covid:

“We’re heading into the peak season now of summer. And if you’re going to create a healthy enough business that will survive the doldrums of next winter, you need to be open as many days as you can for that time. So yeah, everyone needs to find new staff and find the right skills, this apprenticeship degree course is not a magic wand, it’s not going to solve everyone’s problems overnight, but it does mean that if somebody started today, in three years time they will be in a position to be a leader in the industry.”

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