New campaign calls for Ireland’s small pubs to be given UNESCO World Heritage protection

A campaign is being launched to have some of Ireland’s small pubs given UNESCO World Heritage protection.

In particular some rural pubs and old shopfronts are being targeted.

A similar move is underway in France to protect cafe’s and bistros there.

Architect Roisin Murphy who is behind the campaign says it’s less about mahogany bars and brass fittings and more to do with culture.

“We all know what it is. You go into an Irish pub, they are probably one of the most democratic social spaces in the world.

“You can go in on your own. You can go in with a bodhran or a piece of music and pick up on a session somewhere.

“Likewise, you can discuss the politics of it. They’re incredibly sociable but very uniquely Irish spaces and it’s to protect the use, it’s not the talk about the building, because the building is protected very easily.”

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