New ‘Celeb-Owned’ Burger Joint opens at Marina Market

Whether you’re in the Market for a juicy burger, or you’re just out to spot a celebrity, Marina Market’s newest Burger stall has both to offer. 

MKT Burgers opened its shutters yesterday and is owned by non-other than Irish actor Laurence Kinlan 

Most well-known for his role in RTÉ’s Love/Hate, the Dublin-born actor has been in his fair share of theatre shows, television programs and films. 

However, now he’s busy making gorgeous burgers for the people of Cork. 

You have the option to add cheese, bacon or salad to the burgers as well as fries. 

The MKT Burgers stall will open 12pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday. 

Check them out at @MKT_burger on instagram or follow @laurencekinlan on Twitter for more. 


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