New counselling service available for Ukrainian Refugees

Refugees speaking to a Ukrainian therapist is essential after what they’ve been through.

That’s according to the Vice Chair of Together Razem as they roll out a new trauma counselling service for Ukrainian refugees.

The Cork based charity which supports Eastern Europeans living in Ireland launched its Together4Ukraine project when the war broke out and say refugees are experiencing mental health difficulties due to the war.

The latest impact figures released by Together-Razem show that it has assisted over one thousand refugees from Ukraine who have come to live in Ireland since the Russian invasion on 24th February.

Speaking to RedFM News, Vice Chair of Together Razem, Brendan Dempsey says there’s only one therapist in Ireland that can speak fluent Ukrainian:

“It was the first day or two that were absolutely appalling for these women, and they were suffering from all kinds of problems they had. They had been stuck in houses under fire from the Russians and they could see dead people outside in the street that they knew when they couldn’t get out. These ladies will be getting therapy for a long time I reckon.

  1. Aisling   On   23rd August 2022 at 6:54 pm

    I’m glad Ireland is able to provide all of these resources for refugees. However, its been a very long time (if ever) that the government has provided adequate services for Irish people. In regards to health care (mental health, people with disabilities, elderly and lack of ED treatment, no care to break the drug problem), transportation, housing. The Republic of Ireland is failing its people, change is desperately needed. How long will the Irish wait for improvements?

    We are now ALL effected by this war on Ukraine, as these services needed are being prolonged and put off. I believe the government is able to look after its people, but they are greedy and don’t want to give proper funding for all the issues mentioned.

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