New fund to help women who are escaping domestic abuse to be launched

A new fund to help women who’re escaping domestic abuse is being launched today.

The national fund, led by Safe Ireland, will help women with practical costs, such as phone credit and temporary accommodation.

€350,000 has already been donated to the fund by the tech company Airbnb.

Mary McDermott, CEO of Safe Ireland, says any woman can become the victim of abuse.

“Part of the work of Safe Ireland is really to counter the stereotype that domestic violence only belongs in a particular category.

“Coercive control is a crime we now know, and people are beginning to understand the nature of domestic violence now in a much more subtle way.

“The survivors fund is going to be able to meet the needs of women escaping abuse under a wide variety of conditions, because of as we know when a woman leaves an abusive relationship she is at her most vulnerable.”


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