New proposal to increase number of homes on rental market

A new proposal to increase the number of homes on the rental market, and make nursing homes more accessible for families is being proposed by the Housing Minister.

Residents of the homes could be able to rent out their properties and be exempt from the State’s Fair Deal scheme.

Currently under the scheme 80%  of rental income is taken by the Government to pay for their care, however families would be able to keep 100% of the income.

Sarah Lennon is Executive Director of Sage Advocacy – she says some families could exploit the scheme.

“We’ve seen situations where people have been in acute hospitals for short stays and family members have moved in and changed the locks.

“We know that the vast majority of family members care deeply about their older family members.

“People who will look to take advantage of property.

“This is an opportunity where an older person could be encouraged at best and coerced at worst into a nursing home prematurely.”

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