New Report Into Shipwreck Off Cork Coast Highlights Continued Risks

A new report into a shipwreck off the Cork coast has highlighted the risks it continues to pose.

The MV Alta ran aground at Ballyandreen Bay close to Ballcotton on 16th February 2020.

The MV Alta was abandoned by her crew off the coast of Bermuda in October 2018 after her engines failed.

The wreck which has now split in two has proved a popular destination for people.

A report commissioned by the Department of Transport, however, found its continued presence represents a high level of risk as people continue to visit and board the ship.

Removing the wreck has been described as risky to contractors and the environment due to the presence of asbestos, lead, mercury and other chemicals.

Ad hoc pathways leading to the ship have also been found to pose a danger to the public due to the steep cliffs.

Among their recommendations, the report authors say warning signs and an on and off-shore exclusion zone should be put in place if the wreck isn’t removed.

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