New Rules Taking Effect Tomorrow For Air Passengers Travelling To The US

New rules are taking effect tomorrow for air passengers travelling to the US.

Non-US citizens must be vaccinated, have a Covid vaccine Cert and a Covid test completed within 3 days of travel.

Aer Lingus says people also need a Self-Declaration form, a Contact Tracing Form, their online ESTA and APIS and a passport valid for 6 or more months.

Air and Travel Magazine Editor, Eoghan Corry doesn’t think the new changes will cause too many issues for passengers:

“There are very few headaches involved. It’s a little bit more complicated than travelling within the European Union, but only in that a test is required before you travel. That’s going to be 72 hours in the case of vaccinated person, or 24 hours in the case of an unvaccinated person, usually they would be teenagers. So everybody who has double vaccinators is being allowed in.”


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