New survey shows most annoying email habits of 2022

The ‘Happy Friday!’ greeting has been revealed as one of the most annoying email habits of 2022.

Using all-capital letters in your message or saying, ‘not sure if you saw my last email’ were also included in the list of irritating habits.

The survey by HR Buddy also found 2 in 3 admit to checking work email outside of working hours.

Founder and CEO of HR Buddy, Damien McCarthy, says remote and hybrid working has affected how we use email:

£One of the most annoying habits is CCing people into an email, when they don’t need to be CC’d into them at all. I suppose that might come out of the insecurity of 2022 as we return to the workplace after COVID and so on, having kind of a mixed up form of warfare in which maybe managers weren’t sure about and worried about communication, certain themes, and it seems that an awful lot of us are ceasing people in the emails they don’t actually need either in the first place.”


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