New traffic arrangements in place for Cork city

New traffic arrangements come in to place for Cork City today.

Northbound traffic will now no longer be allowed to turn right from Merchant’s Quay on to St Patrick’s Bridge, or from Lavitt’s Quay on to Christy Ring Bridge.

Motorists heading north will instead have to use Brian Boru Bridge or Michael Collins Bridge to access the N20, Mulgrave Road and Blackpool.

To facilitate the new traffic flow arrangements the following changes will take place:

A dedicated right turn lane will be provided from the N20 onto Mulgrave Road/Pope’s Quay;

2 right turning eastbound lanes will be provided on Parnell Place.

A new northbound lane will be put into operation on Brian Boru Bridge to provide access to Brian Boru Street and St. Patricks Quay.

Northbound vehicular traffic will no longer be permitted to turn right from Merchants Quay onto St Patricks Bridge or to turn right from Lavitts Quay onto Christy Ring Bridge (except for busses).

2 Lanes will be provided on Camden Quay turning right onto the N20 to facilitate the new traffic route.

You can watch a video outlining the changes here.

New Northbound Traffic Route in Cork City Centre from 9 August 2022 from CCC Communications on Vimeo.



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