New UCC survey to ask students about their opinions on drugs

Over 40,000 higher education students across the country are being asked for their opinions about drugs.

A new study by the Student Health Service at University College Cork is underway with the aim of contributing to harm-reduction policies.

Researchers are keen to hear from students who have never used drugs, who may have used them in the past and who are current or recent drug users.

The survey is being sent to students’ emails and all information given is totally anonymous.

Speaking to RedFM News, lead researcher Dr Michael Byrne from UCC says the impact of the pandemic on drug use will also be factored into the study.

‘When we proposed to roll out this survey it was originally intended to run last February, just as the pandemic was starting. We decided to postpone the survey because we wanted to make sure we had the maximum uptake.

“I suppose one of the consequences of delaying it full year is that we’ve now included a section specifically related to the impact  of the pandemic on students’ drug use during the pandemic.

“It will be really interesting to see whether drug use among students changed during the course of the pandemic.”

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