New Video Campaign Launched In Bid To Tackle Sexual Assault On University Campuses

A new video campaign has been launched in a bid to tackle sexual assault on university campuses.

The Bystander Intervention Programme devised at UCC aims to highlight how students can intervene in unsafe situations and stop incidents of assault before they happen.

The programme, which comprises of a series of audio-visual learning materials is being made available to Higher Education Institutes nationwide.

Asha Woodhouse, President of UCC Students’ Union, says the campaign hopes to help people speak out against sexual assault:

“Not only does the programme teach you how to be a pro-social bystander, but I think the Bystander Intervention Programme also will play a critical role in starting a conversation, both internally and externally. So internally with yourself, how you view the issue of sexual abuse, what you have experienced or know others have experienced, and how that makes you feel and what you can do about it, as well as challenging any misconceptions.”


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