New Year increase in toll charges could still happen

Toll charges could still increase in the new year.

Yesterday, Transport Minister Eamon Ryan directed Transport Infrastructure Ireland to explore alternative options to make up a shortfall in funding for the maintenance of roads.

An increase in toll charges is due to come into effect in January, but the government signalled it would be deferred until July.

But TII chief executive Peter Walsh says the matter is subject to discussions with the government and the toll companies.

“We can’t impose this. The one thing we’re not going to do is open up those contracts and renegotiate or even negotiate them.

“This is something where we would hope, and there is precedent for it, where the total companies have agreed to an arrangement. So previously, I think it was 2013, there was a one month moratorium of heavy goods vehicle charges on on for toll plazas, so it’s possible to do something of a similar nature.”


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