NI: Survey shows losing NHS is biggest worry if Irish unity was to happen

Losing the NHS would be one of the biggest concerns for voters in Northern Ireland, if Irish unity was to happen.

That’s according to a North-South survey carried out by The Irish Times and ARINS.

Almost half of the people surveyed in the Republic say they’d be less likely to vote for unity, if changes were made to the flag or national anthem.

Sinn Féin TD, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn says we should be striving for our own Irish National Health Service:

“I mean, this is an exciting opportunity here to reimagine our country to have a Irish National Health Service. It’s free to the point of delivery that is delivering services on time that is moving away from the long waiting lists. So the emergency departments in crisis suits chose to reimagine the country, the housing system education system and the all Ireland economy and it’s a real new opportunity for our people.”


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