Urgent Appeal To Water Customers To Conserve Water

Irish Water and Cork County Council have issued an urgent appeal to customers to conserve water.

Night-time water restrictions will continue in the Clonakilty and Newmarket areas of County Cork tonight.

This is to maintain day-time water supplies in those areas – by giving reservoirs time to refill.

Irish Water says it’s possible that there would not be enough water to supply homes and businesses during the day without these measures being put in place.

There has been a significant increase in demand for water during the recent hot weather, and a decrease in rainfall – at the same time.

Overnight restrictions will be in place between 11pm and 7am.

Currently the majority of areas in West Cork are under severe water-supply pressure.

Irish Water is asking people to conserve water.

Areas affected include the entire Clonakilty Urban Network and Foxhall Network. High ground and the extremities of the networks would be greatest affected i.e. Youghals, Cloheen, Ladys Cross, The Bypass Road, Cottage Road, Fernhill Road, The Miles, Tawnies Lower, Barrick Hill, Scartagh, Froe, Caherbeg, Frehanes, and Reenascreena South.

Currently the majority of areas in West Cork are under severe water supply pressure due to increased demand and Irish Water would again urge communities to play their part in conserving water.

Areas affected on the Ballinatona Water Supply Scheme (Newmarket) include Priory Park, Lismire and Killowen areas initially, however, they may have to be extended as the system comes under more pressure due to current warm spell, higher demand and lower than normal rainfall levels.


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