Nightclub tickets will have to be booked an hour in advance

Tickets into nightclubs and late bars will have to be booked an hour in advance.

Government officials have told representatives of the hospitality sector at a meeting this morning that all tickets will have be digital.

Congregation outside of clubs will also be prohibited, with only ticket holders allowed to queue up.

Michael O’Donovan of the Vintners Federation of Ireland and owner of the Castle Inn in the city told RedFM News that there is no clarity for pubs which become late night venues.

“Lots of them would operate during the day doing food, people would be in enjoying early evening meals, they might stay for a few drinks.

“Are we now being put in the scenario that we would have to at 11pm ask them to leave, buy a ticket, go somewhere else at 11pm and come back at 12?

“The practicalities of this are really difficult.”

Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive of the Vintners Federation of Ireland, says the clock is ticking for this weekend.

“To put a ticketing system in place that is robust and and meets the requirements is not something that is likely to be in place this weekend.

“I spent most of the weekend gone speaking to ticketing companies, and they see it as a major challenge to have it in place by this weekend.”


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