Northern Ireland: PSNI Data Breach Described As “Catastrophic”

The situation in Northern Ireland in which a data breach caused thousands of police officers personal info to be released has been described as “catastrophic”.

Accountability in the force is being called for as dissident republicans claim to have access to the records that are circulating on WhatsApp.

Chief Constable Simon Byrne says he’s considering relocating some of his colleagues.

Matthew O’Toole, MLA for South Belfast and Leader of the SDLP Assembly Group, doesn’t understand how something like this can happen:

“It’s shocking that a junior member of staff was able to access that information on one spreadsheet at the click of a button. And it’s shocking that the data protection protocols in place at the PSNI seem to be so lax that that information was able to be sent. One click. There’s going to have to be a whole range of other areas of accountability. I think individual police officers are going to be extremely wary and concerned about their employer frankly”.

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