NPHET Recommends People Who Frequently Go To Nightclubs, Bars Or Restaurants Take An Antigen Test Twice A Week

NPHET is recommending people who frequently go to nightclubs, bars or restaurants take an antigen test twice a week.

The Chief Medical Officer has also asked the Government to consider extending the use of Covid-19 certs beyond the hospitality industry.

The cabinet will consider their recommendations on Tuesday.

Speaking in Galway this afternoon, Taoiseach Michael Martin was asked whether free antigen tests should be sent to every household:

“Government will be giving consideration to the point that you referenced; not so much distributing every household. We are distributing to close contacts, as you know, NPHET’s advice has advanced and evolved in respect of antigen testing. And so in that context, we will be giving further consideration in terms of a wider distribution of antigen testing to the public.”


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