NPHET to consider mask wearing for primary school children

NPHET will consider whether children should wear masks in primary schools when it meets later this morning.

It comes as nearly 1 in every 100 children tested positive for Covid-19 last week.

5,375 contracted the virus, according to the latest Health Protection Surveillance Centre report – the highest infection rate of any age cohort.

But just 24 outbreaks have been liked to schools — accounting for 139 cases.

Consultant in infectious diseases, Dr Eoghan De Barra, says infection in children is generally mild.

“The direct health impact on children has been modest on their physical health, so thankfully the numbers of children that end of severely unwell are small.

“There are children who get sick with this, there are admissions to hospital, but thankfully that has been a rare event.

“The big impact on children has been the impact for their socialisation, society, on their development and education.”


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