Number of patients in hospital with Covid is rising

The number of patients with Covid-19 in Irish hospitals has risen by six percent in the past week.

It’s increased to 116, while there are 43 receiving treatment in ICUs.

It comes as 438 new cases of the virus were confirmed here yesterday.

A study by Public Health England says the Pfizer injection is as much as 88 percent effective – and the AstraZeneca jab 60 percent against the Indian variant.

Trinity College Associate Professor in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology is Tomas Ryan, who is also a member of I-SAG which advocates for Zero Covid says the mutation poses a risk.

“Besides the issue of slightly reduced vaccine efficacy,  we can also see significantly increased transmission of the Indian variant in the UK relative to the existing British B117 Kent variant.

“This could be a very big problem for us in Ireland. Right now we’re acting with a certain degree of uncertainty, and we need to learn from how we have behaved in the last year of this pandemic.”


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