Number Of People Getting Booster Vaccine Decreased By Nearly 80% Over Past Month

The number of people getting a booster vaccine has decreased by nearly 80 per cent over the past month.

Almost 2.7 million boosters or additional doses have been administered here so far.

Ireland has the fourth highest take-up in the EU, behind Malta, Denmark and Belgium.

But Lucy Jessop, from the HSE’s national immunisation office, says many people still haven’t been boosted:

“The rate of boosting has slowed down considerably since Christmas time. So around December we were doing around 300,000 doses a week. And now we’re down to around 62,000 doses a week. So there’s a variety of reasons for why that boosting would have slowed down a little bit, particularly for people having to wait three months after having had COVID infection. Obviously, we know, there was high rates of COVID around Christmas time. So therefore, obviously people have to wait before they can get their booster.”


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