Number Of Women Seeking Help For Crack Cocaine Use Increased By Nearly 80% Over Last Three Years

The Health Research Board’s latest report shows the numbers using the drug entering treatment has risen by 400 per cent since 2014.

The report also highlights the fact that of people seeking treatment for Cocaine abuse in Cork has almost trebled in the last 6 years.
Last year there were 234 people treated for addiction to cocaine as their main drug in Cork.

Figures from the Health Research Board show nearly 70 thousand cases of problem drug use since 2014.

Research Officer with the HRB, Dr Anne Marie Carew, says users of cocaine and crack cocaine tend to be different:

“So in general, those that are seeking treatment for powdered cocaine are men, aged 30, in paid employment, and they’re also likely to be using alcohol as an additional drug.  Crack cocaine users, however, are more likely to be unemployed, and to be homeless. They’re typically older. And we’re also seeing in our data that there are higher rates of women.”



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