Obesity issues requiring hospitalisation increases

The number of people hospitalised with obesity issues increased by almost a third last year.

207 people had inpatient admissions, due to the condition, in 2021 – up from 157 the previous year.

The majority were over the age of 45, with this group accounting for 113 people last year.

Susie Birney, from the Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity, says that’s not surprising.

“when you speak to anyone in the over 40 age group category, they will have tried and tested probably everything for their weight over the years.

“People see it as they’ve failed at diets, it’s not – it’s just that they haven’t found the right treatment.

“They’d have tried various different methods over the years, but if you’re living with obesity it’s a chronic relapsing disease that unfortunately you have for life, and you just need to get the right treatment.”

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