One in every 16 cars taking the NCT are unsafe to drive on a public road

Over 55,000 cars have been declared ‘illegal’ by testers this year, after undergoing a full examination.

Deansgrange in Dublin has the highest pass rate in the country this year, at 62%.

Derrybeg in Donegal has the lowest, at just 39%.

Blarney had the highest pass rate in Cork at almost 60%

Motoring journalist Dave Humphreys says cars are only categorised as ‘illegal to drive’ if they have a serious problem:

“One of the biggest causes for a car having that type of failure is that it’s got bald tires, the cars are well below the minimum tread depth. You need to address these things before to test. But it’s also worth bearing in mind that when your car fails in that case, you are not legally meant to drive that car away. That car is meant to be towed away. It’s not fit to be on the road with other road users.”


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