One Of Organisers Of Today’s Cost Of Living Protest In City: Young People Are Among Hardest Hit

One of the organisers of today’s cost of living protest in the city says young people are among the hardest hit by the current inflation crisis.

Solidarity TD Mick Barry is part of the newly formed Cost of Living Coalition which includes a number of charities in the city including Cork Penny Dinners.

Student groups are also calling for more to be done to protect young people who are typically in lower paid jobs and live in rented accommodation.

Hundreds of people are expected to gather on Patrick Street from 2 this afternoon to call on the Government to introduce more measures to help people struggling with price increases.

Speaking to RedFM News, TD Mick Barry outlines his hope for a mini-budget:

“Many are suffering low pay, and nearly all of them are experiencing sky high rents. So those two things together, deadly combination; and it’s a reason why we need to, at the very least, freeze the rents and why we need a big increase in the minimum wage. It depends on how much pressure they feel from below from ordinary people. They said they couldn’t scrap the water charges and we built a massive movement of water charges and we forced them to scrap them. Same thing needs to be done in relation to cost of living now”.


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