One third of consumers plan to cut back on spending

Almost of a third of Irish consumers plan to cut back on spending over the next six months, as inflation rises further.

PwC Ireland’s latest Consumer Insights Survey also found over 40% of shoppers have faced supply chain issues in recent months, with nearly a third saying they’ve switched to in-store shopping as it better suits their needs.

Director of PwC Ireland Retail and Consumer Practice Owen McFeely says Irish shoppers are finding better value in-store than online.

“Our retail sector was closed for a much longer period than we saw in other markets. I think consumers have come back to stores which have shown a willingness to be in stores in terms of how the customers have achieved value stores are one part of that.

“So we’re seeing the numbers now that consumers are going to use more online channels and more storage channels to actually get value over the next number of months. So it’s great to see consumers back in stores again.”


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