OPW Minister hits out at planning process

The current planning process governing large scale projects like flood defence schemes is allowing “every Tom, Dick and Harry” to object to projects that may have no impact on their lives.

That’s the opinion of the OPW Minister Patrick O’Donovan who says local communities should not have to suffer repeated flooding due to an outdated “Victorian” system that allows people, including those who are not locals, to delay some projects by years .

Minister Patrick O’Donovan was speaking at the offical opening of a flood relief scheme in Douglas yesterday, where he repeated his call for the system to be overhauled at an Irish and European level so flood defence projects can be delivered without delay.

Speaking to RedFM News, OPW Minister Patrick O’Donovan outlines the biggest issue facing his department.

“I actually don’t have an issue with money. I have an issue with a planning process that is of a Victorian setup that allows every Tom, Dick and Harry to object to something for €20 and if you go via an environmental objection then you get all the costs awarded against you.

“Everything is stacked up against us protecting people like we’re protecting people in Douglas, and I know I will probably get into trouble for this but that is the hard and fast reality of what it is to deliver anything in this country at the moment.”

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