Orphanage Crisis Now Emerging In Ukraine

“A monumental disaster is waiting to happen.”

That’s how Adi Roche of Chernobyl Children International is describing the children’s orphanage crisis now emerging in Ukraine.

Today marks the 36th Anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – the worst in history.

She says that there are 700 children’s orphanages throughout Ukraine, which house between 150 and 200 thousand children, and accurate reports of their condition are difficult to come by.

Speaking to RedFM News, Adi Roche says the nature of modern warfare has changed:

“A monumental disaster is waiting to happen in relation to the poor children in these institutions. Many of these orphanages are now under the control of the invading troops. Then in many other orphanages, but we don’t know how many, children had been totally abandoned. We know from organisations that we work with in Ukraine that they’ve gone into a home for abandoned children where they discovered children totally alone; maybe for days, nobody knows how long. Many of them were close to death from dehydration and starvation. They were lucky they were found on that day and no baby was lost”.


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