Outrage at change in priority for vaccinations

The Education Minister has told her Fianna Fail colleagues the National Immunisation Advisory Committee needs to explain its decisions on the vaccine roll-out plan to people. 

Norma Foley was part of the meeting that signed off on the change to a system based on age on Tuesday. 

There’s been outrage at the change in priority for vaccinations with the programme to based solely on age once the most vulnerable have got their injections.

Assistant Professor of virology at UCD, Dr Gerald Barry, says the government’s decision to change the system is surprising.

“I would be targeting cohorts of people taht are morst likely to pick up the infection, or most likely to drive case numbers.

“That is arguably the 20 something to 45 age group, and then within those cohorts looking at work places or work environments that are driving up the risk of encountering the infection.”

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