Over 10 tonnes of donations to leave Cork for Ukrainian refugees

Volunteers from groups across Cork are due to leave the city this afternoon with vital supplies for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Six vans full of items such as children’s clothes, nappies, hygiene products, tents and sleeping bags and hospital supplies will leave Ireland from Rosslare this evening.

The group will drop the donated items in Eastern Poland and fill the vans again locally with food for those who fled the conflict, before returning to Ireland in a trip that will take around eight days.

Chris O’Donovan from Cork City Missing Persons Search and Rescue is one of the people making the journey.

He told RedFM News that they have collected over ten tons of donations and paid tribute to the generosity of the people of Cork.

“It’s targeted stuff, It’s not just out of the warehouse and gone.

“We know exactly where we’re going. We’re going to places where people, we have access to them and they will have access to us from the point of getting the stuff

“They give a specific list of stuff that that’s required. We’re fulfilling that list as best we can with the generosity of the people of Cork, and financially for all the support we have to get, it’s unbelievable.”


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