Over 100,000 apartments in Ireland not up to fire safety standards

As many as 100,000 apartments across the country could have defects and may not be up to fire safety standard.

A report commissioned by The Construction Defects Alliance which is campaigning to get a proper remediation scheme in place for affected owners is expected to reveal, that in some cases the defects are of a serious nature.

The Alliance said it hoped the Government will publish the report next week.

It will also press the Government to take urgent action to ensure that fire safety works on up to 44,000 apartments don’t stall or be deferred..

The Alliance’s spokespersons Pat Montague said the problem is not just confined to Dublin:

“Up to 100,000 apartments have been affected by defects and predominantly overwhelmingly fire safety defects and those apartments are spread right across the country for predominantly in the greater Dublin area.”

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