Over 25,000 Covid-19 Boosters Administered In Past Week

Just over 25,000 Covid-19 boosters were administered here in the past week.

Latest figures show 2.6 million have so far been administered, covering almost 60 percent of the eligible population.

Booster appointments are continuing this weekend, along with walk-in clinics, and at some pharmacies and GP surgeries.

Head of the HSE’s vaccination programme, Damien McCallion, is encouraging those who haven’t yet had their booster, to come forward:

“There’s a significant number of people since Christmas, who’ve had COVID who will have to wait for three months. But, we would estimate that they’re still anywhere between 400,000 and 500,000 people still eligible for the booster. So the opportunity is there for people. We have our clinics through our vaccination centres where people can book their own time, at a time that suits them, they’ll also facilitate walk-ins in some locations, and all details are on hse.ie. And even our pharmacies are continuing to vaccinate, and indeed a small number of General Practitioners.”


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